Soda Floats 24.00  
Coke, Coke Lite, Fanta Orange, Cream Soda, Sprite    
Sunshine Juice (350ml) 18.50  
Orange, Mango, Fruit Cocktail, Apple, Strawberry    
 Home Made Lemongrass Iced Tea (350ml)  16.50  
Rooibos Sunshine T (350ml) 16.50  
Slo- Jo Lemonade 16.00 – Glass  
 Non-fizzy drink with ice and sliced lemon  45.00 Jug (1 litre)  
Lipton Iced Tea (330ml) 19.50  
Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Mixed Berry    
Fizzy Drinks (330ml) 16.90  
Coke, Coke Lite, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Cream Soda, Fanta Orange    
Fizzy Drinks (200ml) 13.90  
Soda Water, Tonic, Dry Lemon, Lemonade    
Tizeres 22.00  
Appletiser, Grapetiser (red or white)    
Cordials per tot 6.90  
Lime, Cola Tonic, Passion Fruit    
Bottled Water (500ml) 15.50  
Still or Sparkling    
MILKSHAKES (350ml)    
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lime, Bubblegum, Banana, Coffee 24.00  
Milo, Bar-One, Horlicks, Chai 27.50  
Oreo, Blueberry Cheesecake, Cherry, Hazelnut Coffee, Peanut Butter 27.50  
Double thick: Add 6.00  
Made with crushed ice and smoothie flavours    
Cino Freeze    (Cold coffee and white hot chocolate powder) 24.00  
Chocolate 24.00  
Cherry 24.00  
Chai 24.00  
Granadilla 24.00  
Green Apple 24.00  
Hazelnut Cappuccino 24.00  
Mango 24.00  
Mixed Berry   (Strawberry & Cherry) 24.00  
Pina colada 24.00  
Passion Fruit 24.00  
Pineapple 24.00  
Strawberry 24.00  
Vanilla Cappuccino 24.00  
Yogurt and Crushed Ice SMOOTHIES  26.50  
(Plain yoghurt, fruit flavours and crushed ice)

§  Passion Fruit /   Mango   /  Strawberry   / Cherry /  Mixed Berry / Blue Berry


(Made with fruit flavours, powders & crushed ice)

·  Mango Blast  (Mango & white symphony chocolate)

·  Mango Lemon (Mango & lemonade concentrate)

·  Mango Berry  (Mango & mixed berries)

·  Lemon Berry    (Mixed berry & lemonade concentrate)

·  Berry & Apple  (Mixed berry and green apple)

Berry Passion  (Mixed berry and passion fruit)

FREEZO 28.00  
·         Oreo Coffee: Filter coffee, white symphony powder, oreo’s and crushed ice

·         Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate powder, peanut butter, milk & crushed ice

·         Chocolate Chai :Chocolate and chai powder, milk & crushed ice


Sunshine Blast 27.00  
A choice of Sunshine Juice (Orange, Mango, Fruit Cocktail, Apple or Strawberry)    
blended with plain yoghurt and/or ice cream    
Fruit Salad Blast 29.50  
A choice of Sunshine Juice (Orange, Mango, Fruit Cocktail, Apple or Strawberry)    
with fresh seasonal fruit, blended with plain yoghurt and/or ice cream    
Berry Blast 29.50  
Strawberry juice and frozen berries, blended with plain yoghurt and/or ice cream    
Almond Bliss 32.00  
Almonds, banana, ice cream and milk    
Breakfast Smoothie 35.00  
Plain yoghurt, muesli, banana, honey and almonds, with a dash of milk.    
Banana and Berry Smoothie 35.00  
Plain yoghurt, banana, strawberry juice & mixed berries    
CUP of Filter Coffee 15.00  
·         Refill 8.50  
MUG of Filter Coffee + one re-fill (sit in only) 20.00  
Decaf Coffee  




 Americano  15.00  
Single 15.00  
Double 19.00  
A single shot of espresso with a dash of hot milk 16.00  
  Regular Large
Milky Cappuccino    
A shot of espresso, extra milk and foamy 19.00 23.00
o   Served with whipped cream 22.00 26.00
Flat White 19.00 23.00
A shot of espresso and a touch of foamy milk    
Vanilla Cappuccino 20.00 25.00
Hazelnut Cappuccino 20.00 25.00
Decaf Cappuccino 20.00 25.00
Red Cappuccino 19.00 24.00
Rooibos tea, cinnamon, topped with foamy milk    
and finished off with a drizzle of honey.    
Red Latté 24.00  
Rooibos tea, cinnamon with steamed milk and topped with foam milk    
 Hazelnut Latte  26.50  
Sugar FREE Chai latte 28.00  
Caffe Latté 24.00  
Espresso with steamed milk and topped with foam milk    
 Dirty Chai Latte- with a shot of espresso  39.00  
Chai Latté 25.00  
Spice chai tea powder with steamed milk and topped with foam milk    
Chocolate Latté 26.00  
Espresso with steamed milk and topped with foam milk and topped with chocolate sauce    
Milo 24.00  
Hot Chocolate 24.00  
White hot chocolate 24.00  
Caffe Mocha 26.00  
Hot Chocolate Chai 28.00  
White Chocolate Chai 28.00  
White hazelnut 28.00  
Chocolate Hazelnut 28.00  
Ferrero Rocher Hot Chocolate 28.00  
Decadent Hot Chocolate 28.00  
Decadent White Hot Chocolate 28.00  
Ceylon  (Five Roses) 16.00  
Rooibos 16.00  
Earl Grey 18.00  
Green Tea 18.00  
Jasmine 18.00  
Chamomile 18.00  
Chai 18.00  
Whisky 31.00  
Kahlua 31.00  
Amarula 31.00  
Cape Velvet 31.00  
 Nachtmusik 31.00  
Castle Lager 19.00  
Castle Lite 20.00  
Black Label 19.00  
Hansa Pilsner 19.00  
Amstel 22.00  
Heineken 22.00  
Windhoek Lager 22.00  
Windhoek Lite 22.00  
Windhoek Draught 24.00  
Hunters Dry 22.00  
Hunters Gold 22.00  
Savanna Dry 23.00  
Savanna Light 23.00  
Bells 18.50  
J&B 18.50  
Jack Daniels 25.00  
Klipdrift Export 18.50  
Richelieu 18.50  
Gordons 17.50  
Mainstay 17.50  
Smirnoff 17.50  
Captain Morgan 17.50  
Spiced Gold 18.50  
Bacardi 18.50  
Amarula Cream 18.00  
Kahlua 20.00  
Jagermeister 23.00  
Tequila Jose Quervo Gold 23.00  
Frangelico 23.00  
Old Brown Sherry 16.00  
Monis Full Cream Sherry 19.00  
Monis Medium Cream Sherry 19.00  
Monis Pale Dry Sherry 19.00  
Allesverloren Port 22.00  


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